Friday, March 13, 2009

I am not too fond of doctors.

James had been seeing a family doctor since birth. I thouught she was a fine doctor for me, but when it came to the care of James I never thought she did a good job. She seemed against me breastfeeding, James would occasionally shrink a few inches a month, she would constantly not show up, and she would mis-dose his medicine. For example, around thanksgiving time James broke out in a horrible rash because of his very sensitive skin ( he gets that from his mommy:( ). So she wanted me to give him what equated out to 7 tsp. of benedryl a day. For a 6 month old! I said absolutely not. She called back later and told me she miscalculated and it was supposed to be 1/2 a tsp. a day. Because of all of this I decided to find him a pediatrician, which I should have done in the first place. I took him to the new doctor yesterday because I suspected an ear infection ( which the old doctor said was not an ear infection, he was just teething). Turns out he does have an ear infection and she prescribed 2tsp twice a day of amoxicilian. Again I thought this was excessive. 4tsp a day !! I talked to my brother -in - law today and he confirmed that with James age, weight, height that he should only be given 2 tsp a day.

I was just wondering. How often do doctors mis-dose patients?? Is this normal? Or just the price I pay for living in a tiny town? Do other parents double check dosage? Do they always take the doctors word for it? Am I just a paranoid first time mom? That last one might just be it.

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