Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's a sad sad day.

I have been trying to get caught up with things. I have been seriously slacking lately. Last week I uploaded all 2000 pictures I had of James onto my computer and deleted them from my camera. I then neatly organized them in folders according to month and age. All I had left to do was to burn them onto CD's.

My computer crashed today. I lost everything. I went from having an obsessive amount of pictures of my kid, to having none. I do still have the pictures of him from the hospital, but that is it.

I am so sad I think I could actually cry.

On the bright side... At least I have these.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

10 Months!

My baby is getting so close to becoming 1 year old. It is really sad. It is amamazing how much he is learning and all of the things he can do now. Except eat food that is. Yes, I have a 10 month old child that refused to eat. Everytime we try he spits it out or throws it up. It is super fun. We still try though, twice a day everyday, to incorporate food into his diet. He still resists though. Any tricks that you guys know would really be appriciated. We try vegtables, fruits, cheese, crackers... he equally hates all of them!

Anyways.. Happy 10 Months to my little man!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cool Mom

I see all these kids growing up, graduating high school, and leaving the nest. They can't wait to leave their parents homes and move into the dorm or their own apartments.

Some people see these as happy times..... Me, I get sad. I think of my baby leaving me someday. Then I realize my son will never leave me. I am a cool mom. He will want to live at home forever. When he wants to go have fun, his mom is the first person he will ask.
By the way... Is cool mom spelled L-O-S-E-R???

Monday, March 16, 2009

James and Emily

Just thought I would post some fun pictures from Valentine's weekend.

Friday, March 13, 2009

James' first time at the park.

It was so warm and gorgeous the other day I just had to take him out to play. He absolutely loved it! He was laughing the entire time we were at the park. I hope we have alot more nice days so that we can go again!

I am not too fond of doctors.

James had been seeing a family doctor since birth. I thouught she was a fine doctor for me, but when it came to the care of James I never thought she did a good job. She seemed against me breastfeeding, James would occasionally shrink a few inches a month, she would constantly not show up, and she would mis-dose his medicine. For example, around thanksgiving time James broke out in a horrible rash because of his very sensitive skin ( he gets that from his mommy:( ). So she wanted me to give him what equated out to 7 tsp. of benedryl a day. For a 6 month old! I said absolutely not. She called back later and told me she miscalculated and it was supposed to be 1/2 a tsp. a day. Because of all of this I decided to find him a pediatrician, which I should have done in the first place. I took him to the new doctor yesterday because I suspected an ear infection ( which the old doctor said was not an ear infection, he was just teething). Turns out he does have an ear infection and she prescribed 2tsp twice a day of amoxicilian. Again I thought this was excessive. 4tsp a day !! I talked to my brother -in - law today and he confirmed that with James age, weight, height that he should only be given 2 tsp a day.

I was just wondering. How often do doctors mis-dose patients?? Is this normal? Or just the price I pay for living in a tiny town? Do other parents double check dosage? Do they always take the doctors word for it? Am I just a paranoid first time mom? That last one might just be it.